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Dealing with the know it all customer

A well-informed customer can sometimes be a smart home professional's dream. A true enthusiast doesn't have to be convinced of the benefits of smart home technology, and they're often open to more cutting-edge, high-performance solutions that let your company truly show what it's made of.

However, dealing with a know-it-all customer can be difficult. Oftentimes, they want to show off how much they know about home technology, but what they "know" may not be much at all. A good salesperson needs to know how to sell to someone who wants to feel like they are being treated like an expert, even if it means using a few tricks of the trade to keep customer feelings unbruised.

Using a psychology approach with a customer

For the know-it-all type of customer, presents a few tips for how to deal with any kind of person who won't let you voice your own opinion and expertise. Try to be deferential, but also remember to assert that you know what you are doing. This customer has shown they value being more informed than the average bear - or at least feeling more informed. Start by acknowledging they've done their research. After all, if they've come to your business rather than the big-box store; They're clearly off to a better-than-average start.

From there, explain your products and services in a way that makes them feel you're giving them inside knowledge on technology trends and product lines. It's OK to talk a little over their head here; it will make them feel they're getting specialised knowledge while also reminding them that you do this for a living and know the market inside and out.

Using a business approach with a customer

If you're thinking of handling your know-it-all’s from the point of view of making a sale, just let them talk as much as they want, and if they say something that is contradictory to the truth, simply present the facts in as concise a way as possible. "This speaker produces this many decibels of sound." Just the facts. Show them exactly what it says on the box. People who think they know everything often will simply refuse to believe you without any sources. So make sure to cite some sources.

Don’t get angry with a know it all customer

Know-it-all customers can sometimes push people's buttons. The trick is to be as calm as possible. Some know-it-all’s will show up at a store, browse, show off their "knowledge," and not buy anything. But others will go ahead and buy something if you let them talk long enough. Just keep a level head throughout.

To summarise, the easy way to deal with know-it-all customers is to smile, be friendly, courteous, and listen without interrupting. If you let them talk long enough, you may find they are interested in a solution that matches their image of a well-educated buyer, which, after all, could be toward the higher end.

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