Government Affairs

Our mission is to influence public policy to protect CEDIA members, the electronics industry and consumers.

Workforce Development

The future of smart home technology depends not only on the technology, but on the people who are desigining and installing it. 

Standards & Best Practices

CEDIA is committed to producing ANSI accredited standards and best practices that ensure professionalism in the industry. 

Design & Build Outreach

The CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) program enables members to provide continuing education to their local industry partners. 

Market Intelligence

Improve your business through knowledge of the latest trends statistics in the smart home industry.

Events Calendar

Search the CEDIA Calendar to locate all the up and coming events, training, including boot camps, workshops and more. 

Tech + Business Summits

Introducing the new and improved CEDIA Tech + Business Summits—the latest in innovative new technology and world-class, business- and tech-centric education to help you achieve your goals.


CEDIA Expo brings together home tech pros and exhibitors to the leading global event for smart home technology. 

Integrated Systems Europe

ISE showcases the world's leading technology innovators and solutions providers of four days of inspiring conferences. 

Smart Home Awards

CEDIA's Smart Home Awards programs recognises the top projects, products and individuals in the smart home technology industry. 

CEDIA Academy

The CEDIA Academy is the leading online learning portal for all your home technology integration learning.

In-Person Training

Elevate your expertise in smart home technology with our in-person training sessions. Gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge.


CEDIA Certification is a set of credentials that reflect defined areas of knowledge in the Smart Home Technology industry. Certifications are held by the individual; you earn the certification, and you carry it with you as you continue your career.

White Papers

CEDIA white papers dive deep into applications, recommendations, and advice on a wide range of topics: from software and hardware to best practices, standards, and formats.

Tech + Business Summits

The CEDIA Tech + Business Summits are one-day events showcasing upcoming technology and future trends in the smart home industry.

CI Project Management Certificate

This course will teach you more about the role of a Project Manager on a CI project and will identify the key elements required to successfully deliver a project on time, on budget, and within scope.

Course Dates

Mon, Jun 24, 2024 - Fri, Jun 28, 2024

Smart Home Technician Further Skills - St Neots, UK

CEDIA’s Smart Home Technician Further Skills training is a pathway created to support cabling and infrastructure technicians to take the next step in their professional development. The training is aimed at individuals who aim to advance their career through a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of systems integration. With a focus on specific applications for technology installation and configuration, the content in this pathway provides the foundational knowledge to begin working as an Integrated Systems Technician with minimal supervision.

In-Person Training

Mon, Sep 16, 2024 - Fri, Sep 20, 2024

Smart Home Technician Essential Skills - St Neots, UK

CEDIA's Smart Home Technician Essentials training is a pathway developed to support both entry-level technicians as well as those with a desire to transition to the systems integration industry from an adjacent trade.

In-Person Training

Tue, Oct 1, 2024 - Thu, Oct 3, 2024

KNX Basic Course - St Neots, UK

The benefits of automating a building are far reaching, from saving energy, ease of control, and improving the health and well-being of the occupants. The KNX Standard provides a unique platform to integrators to provide a modular and scalable solution that works in all types of buildings.


Mon, Oct 7, 2024 - Tue, Oct 8, 2024

Home Cinema Design Workshop - St Neots, UK

Throughout this course, you will study the theory of cinema in detail, and undertake a design exercise for audio, video, and other associated factors including data, heat, and lighting. During day two of the course, you will take part in an interactive workshop to design a cinema from a real client brief including a peer-reviewed design assessment.

In-Person Training

Mon, Nov 11, 2024 - Mon, Nov 11, 2024

Project Management - St Neots, UK

This course focuses solely on project management, exploring the time, cost, and quality triangle within the context of the smart home technology industry. Ideal for individuals who are new to project management, this course will enable attendees to understand and explore the key principles of project management.

In-Person Training

Tue, Nov 12, 2024

Design Documentation - St Neots, UK

From felt tipped pens to 3D modelling documentation, the designers’ toolkit is essential to any project. Without it, no project will ever reach a successful conclusion. This course will explore and explain the documents that make up a successful project from architectural plans, schematics, wiring schedules, change order forms and specifications to final client sign off.

In-Person Training

Mon, Nov 18, 2024 - Wed, Nov 20, 2024

KNX Basic Course - St Neots, UK

The benefits of automating a building are far reaching, from saving energy, ease of control, and improving the health and well-being of the occupants. The KNX Standard provides a unique platform to integrators to provide a modular and scalable solution that works in all types of buildings.


Tue, Nov 26, 2024 - Thu, Nov 28, 2024

Networking Specialist School - St Neots, UK

This education pathway provides a strong foundation for technicians interested in advancing their professional knowledge through a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of networking.

In-Person Training

Fri, Nov 29, 2024 - Fri, Nov 29, 2024

Designing Ethernet and Wireless Networks - St Neots, UK

This course explores modern network topology including traffic flow, infrastructure planning, connectivity options and planned redundancy. During the session, students will be work in groups to develop a robust network that will be stable for an initial and developing list of connected host devices. Wired and wireless connectivity will be included as well as host devices from the AV, computing and mobile world.

In-Person Training

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