Government Affairs

Our mission is to influence public policy to protect CEDIA members, the electronics industry and consumers.

Workforce Development

The future of smart home technology depends not only on the technology, but on the people who are desigining and installing it. 

Standards & Best Practices

CEDIA is committed to producing ANSI accredited standards and best practices that ensure professionalism in the industry. 

Design & Build Outreach

The CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) program enables members to provide continuing education to their local industry partners. 

Market Intelligence

Improve your business through knowledge of the latest trends statistics in the smart home industry.

Events Calendar

Search the CEDIA Calendar to locate all the up and coming events, training, including boot camps, workshops and more. 

Tech + Business Summits

Introducing the new and improved CEDIA Tech + Business Summits—the latest in innovative new technology and world-class, business- and tech-centric education to help you achieve your goals.


CEDIA Expo brings together home tech pros and exhibitors to the leading global event for smart home technology. 

Integrated Systems Europe

ISE showcases the world's leading technology innovators and solutions providers of four days of inspiring conferences. 

Smart Home Awards

CEDIA's Smart Home Awards programs recognises the top projects, products and individuals in the smart home technology industry. 

CEDIA Academy

The CEDIA Academy is the leading online learning portal for all your home technology integration learning.

In-Person Training

Elevate your expertise in smart home technology with our in-person training sessions. Gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge.


CEDIA Certification is a set of credentials that reflect defined areas of knowledge in the Smart Home Technology industry. Certifications are held by the individual; you earn the certification, and you carry it with you as you continue your career.

White Papers

CEDIA white papers dive deep into applications, recommendations, and advice on a wide range of topics: from software and hardware to best practices, standards, and formats.

Tech + Business Summits

The CEDIA Tech + Business Summits are one-day events showcasing upcoming technology and future trends in the smart home industry.

CEU Approved Training to Renew Your CEDIA Certification

Earn your CEU points

Renewing IST Certification with CEU’s

The IST certification is valid for 3 years and is renewed by completing the following:

  • Submit renewal application, $60 renewal fee, and code of conduct agreement
  • Earn 30 CEUs from various CEU activities and approved courses. Alternatively, holders may choose to retest the latest version of the exam.
  • If an IST certification holder also has an ESC-N and/or the ESC-D the certification periods will sync and they will only need to complete 30 CEUs to renew all of them together.

For complete policies regarding CEU’s and renewal please download the IST handbook

IST Handbook
Renewing IST Certification with CEU’s

CIT Renewal and CEU's

Unlike the other certifications, the CIT does not require you to accumulate 30 CEUs. The CIT certification is valid for 3 years and is renewed by completing the following:

  • Submit renewal application, $40 renewal fee, and code of conduct agreement.
  • Complete an approved 3-hour “CIT Technology & Standards” update course. The course includes an assessment at the end which candidates must pass with at least 80%. This course can be taken at any point during the third year of a certification period. CEDIA will be offering this course free of charge to CIT holders starting in January 2022.
  • Only the above-mentioned renewal course is needed and not the 30 CEU’s as other certifications do.  However, if a CIT holder also has other certifications, then they will need the 30 CEUs to renew those separately.
CIT Handbook
CIT Renewal and CEU's

Renewing ESC-N and ESC-D Certification with CEU’s

Like the IST, these specialist certifications require 30 CEUs to renew which may be earned in a variety of ways during the 3-year term.

Unlike the IST, there is currently no renewal application or fee associated with these specialist credentials although the policies are subject to change as the certifications are updated.

Another difference from the IST is that ESC-N and ESC-D certification periods are automatically restarted to sync with a newly earned certification. The CIT and IST certification periods are fixed and will not change based on earning other certifications.

Renewing ESC-N and ESC-D Certification with CEU’s

Become a CEU Provider

If you’re a training provider interested in boosting the marketing value of your training courses while helping to maintain a qualified, certified pool of talent to install your products, learn more about becoming a CEDIA CEU Provider.

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