Government Affairs

Our mission is to influence public policy to protect CEDIA members, the electronics industry and consumers.

Workforce Development

The future of smart home technology depends not only on the technology, but on the people who are desigining and installing it. 

Standards & Best Practices

CEDIA is committed to producing ANSI accredited standards and best practices that ensure professionalism in the industry. 

Design & Build Outreach

The CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI) program enables members to provide continuing education to their local industry partners. 

Market Intelligence

Improve your business through knowledge of the latest trends statistics in the smart home industry.

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Search the CEDIA Calendar to locate all the up and coming events, training, including boot camps, workshops and more. 

Tech + Business Summits

Introducing the new and improved CEDIA Tech + Business Summits—the latest in innovative new technology and world-class, business- and tech-centric education to help you achieve your goals.


CEDIA Expo brings together home tech pros and exhibitors to the leading global event for smart home technology. 

Integrated Systems Europe

ISE showcases the world's leading technology innovators and solutions providers of four days of inspiring conferences. 

Smart Home Awards

CEDIA's Smart Home Awards programs recognises the top projects, products and individuals in the smart home technology industry. 

CEDIA Academy

The CEDIA Academy is the leading online learning portal for all your home technology integration learning.

In-Person Training

Elevate your expertise in smart home technology with our in-person training sessions. Gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge.


CEDIA Certification is a set of credentials that reflect defined areas of knowledge in the Smart Home Technology industry. Certifications are held by the individual; you earn the certification, and you carry it with you as you continue your career.

White Papers

CEDIA white papers dive deep into applications, recommendations, and advice on a wide range of topics: from software and hardware to best practices, standards, and formats.

Tech + Business Summits

The CEDIA Tech + Business Summits are one-day events showcasing upcoming technology and future trends in the smart home industry.

CEDIA Government Affairs

CEDIA’s government affairs efforts are designed to support members and ensure that their abilities to own and operate their businesses are not impeded.

Our mission is to influence public policy to protect CEDIA members, the electronics industry, and consumers.

Advocating our members of all levels of government

The association achieves this mission by developing, monitoring, and disseminating information regarding legislative and regulatory issues; developing and implementing public policy strategies; and driving participation at a grassroots level.

The association achieves this mission by developing, monitoring, and disseminating information regarding legislative and regulatory issues; developing and implementing public policy strategies; and driving participation at a grassroots level.

Priority issues

Smart Home Issues - AI / Connected Devices / Internet of Things

Smart Home Priority Issues

AI / Connected Devices / Internet of Things

AI, connected devices, and Internet of Things are all making our lives easier, but the regulations around these technologies are increasing. Even with increased regulations is important consumers work with Integrators in the mitigation of security risks in consumer’s technology systems. When designing, installing, and maintaining technology systems through the home, the homeowner is best protected by working with Integrators throughout the project and the life of the system.

Smart Home Issues - Energy and Environment

Smart Home Priority Issues

Energy and Environment

Integrators are partners to the environment by providing solutions that conserve energy and are friendly to the environment.  

Smart Home Issues - Workforce Development: Addressing the Skilled Labour Shortage

Smart Home Priority Issues

Workforce Development: Addressing the Skilled Labour Shortage

A skilled workforce is the lifeblood of the professional smart home technology industry making it imperative for companies to attract, develop, and retain skilled talent. Workforce development is critical in ensuring that there is sufficient individuals with skill sets capable of working with the every expanding growth of limited energy technologies. The continued evolution of interconnected technology will only increase the need for trained professionals capable of ensuring these systems are properly integrated.

Smart Home Issues - Labour Laws

Smart Home Priority Issues

Labour Laws

It is important to have the proper licenses and labour laws to support the work of Integrators and the numerous technologies they provide as solutions in the home.

Smart Home Issues - National Electrical Code®

Smart Home Priority Issues

National Electrical Code®

The National Electrical Code® is published by the National Fire Protection Association, protects the public by establishing requirements for electrical wiring and equipment. The National Electrical Code® is revised every three years based on new technology and industry needs and numerous articles apply to the limited energy work of technology integrators.

Smart Home Issues - Occupational Classification

Smart Home Priority Issues

Occupational Classification

It is important Integrators are recognised with a separate occupational classification. Integrators are a critical part of the workforce and through their work support current and future technology needs.

Smart Home Issues - Occupational Licensing

Smart Home Priority Issues

Occupational Licensing

Integrators perform work involving limited energy technology are frequently misclassified as a subset of the electrical trade when in fact they are a separate category. It is important that limited energy licenses for Integrators have a proper scope of work supporting the many different technologies integrators work with in the home.

Valuable Resources for our Government Affairs Advocacy

Licensing Resources

Learn about the licensing and regulations that apply to home technology work in your state.

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Legislative Tracking

Through CEDIA vendor MultiState Associates Inc., browse in-depth details on the proposed industry-related legislation CEDIA is tracking. 

Learn More

Lobbying Compliance

Through CEDIA vendor MultiState Associates, Inc. The Lobbying Compliance Guide provides a resource on states' and major municipalities' requirements for lobbying compliance.

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Government Affairs News

Mon, Apr 15, 2024

FCC Adopts ‘U.S. Cyber Trust Mark’ Program

On March 14, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to create a voluntary cybersecurity labeling program for wireless consumer Internet of Things (IoT) products. With the FCC’s vote, the Commission has adopted the rules and framework for the program to move forward.

Wed, Mar 13, 2024

CEDIA Takes on Washington, D.C., the FCC, and More

Over the past six months, CEDIA's advocacy efforts have been dynamic and extensive. In addition to regular monitoring of bills and state legislative sessions, the government affairs department has orchestrated significant initiatives in Washington, D.C., Oklahoma, Michigan, and with the FCC. These proactive measures have brought the smart home industry to the attention of numerous politicians, many of whom had little prior knowledge of the integrators' daily work.

Tue, Dec 12, 2023

Preparing for the 2024 Legislative Sessions

At the start of 2024, most state legislatures will be back in session. Throughout these sessions CEDIA will monitor, track, and lobby on issues impacting our members and those related to the smart home technology industry.

Thu, Nov 9, 2023

CEDIA State Captain Program

CEDIA is re-establishing the CEDIA State Captain Program, a key part of CEDIA’s Government Affairs Program. CEDIA’s Government Affairs Program’s mission is to support members and ensure that their ability to own and operate their businesses is not impeded upon.

Fri, Oct 20, 2023

CEDIA Hosts Connected Technology Industry Legislative Summit

In August, CEDIA and the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) hosted the fifth annual Connected Technology Industry Legislative Summit at CEDIA’s Headquarters in Fishers, Ind.

Wed, Jun 28, 2023

How Workforce Development and Government Affairs Work Together

Workforce development, which focuses on an individual's ability to develop skills and tools for career success, is a crucial ingredient for achieving a healthy and dynamic economy.

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